How to get hidden discounts on Air-tickets

As I was booking tickets for upcoming events last month, I struggled with a lot with coupons and there terms and conditions. As I researched a bit, I figured out many ways which can help you save on travel as well as handle cases of booking where the fares get increased just before payment. These are over and above the jet mile points, Frequent Flyer etc. discount you might be availing till now. Needless to say, the offers are time bound and subject to availability but these pointers would definitely help you streamline your *offer* search.

  1. Make your travel plans earlyBook Tickets Early

    This is one of the best ways to get cheap tickets. Not only you get early bird discounts from airlines but you can also wait for any upcoming discounts. Even some of the next steps help you leverage this.

  2. Save as draftSave as draft

    Save the ticket just before payment from your browser. You are expected to be logged into your google account as well. The trick is that almost all companies employ google AdWords. Once the system knows that you have searched for this flight, you will get many advertisements with coupon codes and new rates updates via google ads. This may not be much useful if you constrained timelines.

  3. Use prepaid WalletsPrepaid Wallets

    Many prepaid wallets like Paytm, Mobiwik etc. have tied up with airline booking sites. For example, is offering 15% cashback on any hotel, flight etc. booking through paytm wallet. These tie-ups keep on changing from time to time.

  4. Use mobile apps & Case of sudden fare increaseIncrease in Fare

    Many companies are offering exclusive offers on booking done through their apps. like spicejet offers 15% discount on app bookings. The best part is that it can be used in addition to payment through prepaid wallets.

    • Sudden fare increase just before payment

    It happens many times that just before you’re about to pay for a ticket at ‘Lowest Price’ it prompts you of increase in fare – Dynamic pricing. What you can do is just save the ticket there (You have to be logged in). The sites keep track of this and it is expected that they share some exclusive coupon code to remind you to book that saved ticket. (Happened twice with me on

    Please share any additional tips & techniques that worked for you in the comments.

    Happy Journey.

Things that matter…..Tips to save environment

Every-day-save-environment-300x300Before you celebrate Earth Hour, before you participate in a Yamuna Clean Drive or even before you go to participate in a Green Marathon, it is important for each one of us to display a sense of self-discipline in saving the ailing environment for which there are no Band-Aid solutions possible.

Switching your lights off for an hour each year and wasting electricity the entire year won’t address the problem.

Nor our sweeping of road unless we stop throwing things & spitting out of our “German-made” cars (Some people literally don’t deserve to drive them..!!).

While the real onus is on each of us to find the solutions which we can imbibe in our daily routine. Here I am listing a few which I follow:

  1. Replace your home lighting fixtures with LED bulbs especially in toilets, bathrooms etc. small places where luminous intensity is not a major concern. They are now available as cheap as Rs 50 from Lagpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk.
  2. While making tea, always add sugar, tea leaves etc. after the water starts boiling. This can save you a bit of LPG because the boiling point of water increases after adding all these ingredients and thus more energy is required. Needless to say, prepare it with lid on the vessel. It not only saves energy but time too.
  3. A common one, don’t waste water while washing hand. The interval between you press the liquid soap plunger and get your hands back under tap is crucial. If you are right-handed, you can use your right hand to open and close tap and left one to have liquid soap, and then rub them on both hands. 😀
  4. Switching off lights of your rooms when you leave them, in home and, also in schools and colleges. The cost may be incurred by Government but environment is ultimately yours. (And govt. too.:P).
  5. Recycling any plastic box by using it for flower case or pen stand..anyway you like..Let your creativity unfold.

I would update this list as I imbibe more techniques in my daily rountine.

It would be great if you can share the tips that you follow in the comments section.