Exercising Consumer Rights…

I am writing this post in the backdrop of National Consumer Rights Day, “celebrated” on 24th December. Although I believe it is meant to be exercised every day rather than any specific day. Though the medium of this post, I would like to share with you a very peculiar ordeal at dominos pizza outlet.

I visited Dominos Pizza outlet, near pusa road, their newly opened branch on 15th of this month. I ordered pizza and plain garlic bread. Surprisingly, I was told by the person at the counter that plain garlic bread was not available, however I can get stuffed one. Being hungry and as the scent of fresh baked pizza was wafting through the air I didn’t inquired much and ordered stuffed one.

But when I returned home shared this unusual incident with my sister, something struck my mind: how can plain garlic bread is not available but stuffed is??…Since both require the same dough. I was perplexed. I realized this was a sales tactic to increase their revenues probably because stuffed garlic bread was newly launched & is not in much demand.


I felt dejected and my belief in the brand which claims to “celebrate happiness” was shaken. I decided to lodge an online complaint. I did that the next day and within fifteen minutes of submitting the complain, the branch manager called me apologizing and guaranteeing of better service next time. Unfortunately, he couldn’t offer any plausible explanation. He even offered to deliver a plain garlic bread :)…but I told him it was not about a garlic bread but principles.

This may seem a petty issue to many but these small things defines the ideology of the company/firm/person. Being an entrepreneur at heart I am quite particular of these things. And as a consumer I take pride in exercising my rights whenever possible. I would also like to appreciate dominos for their speedy redressal of my complaint.Hope they keep a check on such practices.

Hope everyone exercises their rights (& Duties) as an informed consumer.

Happy Consumer Day!!