Namak – Swad Anusaar

How many times have you heard the chef  saying the list of ingredients for an exotic recipe with accurate amount, but suggests to add salt to taste.

Namak daale swad anusaar. 😀

Isn’t it funny & intriguing that why we haven’t been able to standardize the amount of salt to be added.And in case you have already added extra salt, here’s the solution to that.

Yes ..yes.some people like more salty food and some less.But that’s true with chilli as well na. Atleast, we should be able to define the way for those who are happy with just the right amount of salt !

I discussed this with some of my friends to understand if they even face this issue while cooking. I was amazed to find out that almost every was struggling with it. Although, some used a standard spoon to rescue themselves, while some asked their moms. Moms, because of their sheer experience, have ‘weighted’ hands to add the right amount of everything, leave alone salt.

For newbies, it’s still a struggling activity.I even searched internet but couldn’t find anything worth.pic3_edit

Is it a trade secret ?

Well, No.

Here’s the solution that I have been using for quite sometime now.

Sprinkle the salt over the surface of the round cooking vessel, in the middle of cooking, starting with the outer most circumference and gradually decreasing the radius until you reach the center of the vessel (similar to making a spiral).

(Read that again)


pic 1

Reference Image

pic 2

Increasing Radius









This covers the entire dish(and food) & takes care of the varying amount as you cook a different amount of food  in future because the circumference (when viewed from the top) decreases/increases  as per the quantity of food being cooked correspondingly, making you add the right quantity of salt every time.

pic sprial

The spiral Pattern

A final trick, and this will feel posery at first, practice salting food at a height of about 10 or 12 inches above it. The distance gives a better sense of just how much salt you’re trickling, and the granules will spread more evenly over the food’s surface.It gives the cook a certain sense of confidence, too. Chances are you won’t overdo it when salting in this fashion. But, I suppose that’s debatable.

Just keep in mind that certain food have inherent salt flavor in them like Cheese, so you need to be a bit more careful while dealing with them.You may try with spiral pattern with larger pitch i.e. distance between subsequent circular paths.

Hope this helps you decipher the ‘Art of Adding Salt’. Ohh, this could have been a better title !!

The Art Of Giving

The ART of Giving

After reading the famous book , The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz, thinking about the significance of its title and giving my grey cells a workout, I understood the underlying basics of Art & electronics and here I draw its correlation with the act of giving.

‘Art‘ is defined as the elegant way of doing something. Thought I may be comparing and correlating two quite different topics of electronics and humanity but they too are deeply inter-related (will surely discuss this in detail in upcoming posts).

So what’s exactly ‘The Art of Giving’ ?

To explain this I will share an incident with you. Every time when we go to donate food or some clothing to people, my mother would pack it with great care. For food, she bought a foil based container, plastic spoons, and bags. She would then take a good amount of time packing them, put food in that container, put a plastic spoon, and seal them with cardboard cover so that it doesn’t leak.

The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

And I was, earlier, had a critical view of this practice given the extra effort and time it involved.

But, when one day, I gave one of those nicely packed packages to the person sitting beside the roadside, even before he could eat the food, he had on his face a feeling of dignity and pride seeing that special packing and a plastic spoon.

He thanked and blessed me for giving him the food…ahh…probably not…he would have got the food from somewhere else also. But I think it was the way he was given food that made him feel good.

At that particular moment I realized how wrong I was.

Giving something or feeding the poor is not about giving them a meal but giving them in a dignified manner because they are human being too, they have feelings.Give as little as you can but remember not to deprive them of their dignity.

Don’t know why but, the image of that person and his words are engraved in mind and pop up every time I pass through that road…and this post is dedicated to him and to that book, which made me realize the true meaning of  “ART”.

I hope to explemlify the ‘ART’ in every sphere of my life.

Exercising Consumer Rights…

I am writing this post in the backdrop of National Consumer Rights Day, “celebrated” on 24th December. Although I believe it is meant to be exercised every day rather than any specific day. Though the medium of this post, I would like to share with you a very peculiar ordeal at dominos pizza outlet.

I visited Dominos Pizza outlet, near pusa road, their newly opened branch on 15th of this month. I ordered pizza and plain garlic bread. Surprisingly, I was told by the person at the counter that plain garlic bread was not available, however I can get stuffed one. Being hungry and as the scent of fresh baked pizza was wafting through the air I didn’t inquired much and ordered stuffed one.

But when I returned home shared this unusual incident with my sister, something struck my mind: how can plain garlic bread is not available but stuffed is??…Since both require the same dough. I was perplexed. I realized this was a sales tactic to increase their revenues probably because stuffed garlic bread was newly launched & is not in much demand.


I felt dejected and my belief in the brand which claims to “celebrate happiness” was shaken. I decided to lodge an online complaint. I did that the next day and within fifteen minutes of submitting the complain, the branch manager called me apologizing and guaranteeing of better service next time. Unfortunately, he couldn’t offer any plausible explanation. He even offered to deliver a plain garlic bread :)…but I told him it was not about a garlic bread but principles.

This may seem a petty issue to many but these small things defines the ideology of the company/firm/person. Being an entrepreneur at heart I am quite particular of these things. And as a consumer I take pride in exercising my rights whenever possible. I would also like to appreciate dominos for their speedy redressal of my complaint.Hope they keep a check on such practices.

Hope everyone exercises their rights (& Duties) as an informed consumer.

Happy Consumer Day!!