The Art Of Giving

The ART of Giving

After reading the famous book , The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz, thinking about the significance of its title and giving my grey cells a workout, I understood the underlying basics of Art & electronics and here I draw its correlation with the act of giving.

‘Art‘ is defined as the elegant way of doing something. Thought I may be comparing and correlating two quite different topics of electronics and humanity but they too are deeply inter-related (will surely discuss this in detail in upcoming posts).

So what’s exactly ‘The Art of Giving’ ?

To explain this I will share an incident with you. Every time when we go to donate food or some clothing to people, my mother would pack it with great care. For food, she bought a foil based container, plastic spoons, and bags. She would then take a good amount of time packing them, put food in that container, put a plastic spoon, and seal them with cardboard cover so that it doesn’t leak.

The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

And I was, earlier, had a critical view of this practice given the extra effort and time it involved.

But, when one day, I gave one of those nicely packed packages to the person sitting beside the roadside, even before he could eat the food, he had on his face a feeling of dignity and pride seeing that special packing and a plastic spoon.

He thanked and blessed me for giving him the food…ahh…probably not…he would have got the food from somewhere else also. But I think it was the way he was given food that made him feel good.

At that particular moment I realized how wrong I was.

Giving something or feeding the poor is not about giving them a meal but giving them in a dignified manner because they are human being too, they have feelings.Give as little as you can but remember not to deprive them of their dignity.

Don’t know why but, the image of that person and his words are engraved in mind and pop up every time I pass through that road…and this post is dedicated to him and to that book, which made me realize the true meaning of  “ART”.

I hope to explemlify the ‘ART’ in every sphere of my life.

The Power of LED

What is the reason that LED’s are becoming so popular…??

At first, high end cars used them as rear end brake lights, though you may feel that it was done to add some artistic quotient to mean machines but this involves some simple calculations to derive some really mind boggling results in terms of decreased illumination lag time, highlighting their importance as rear brake lights. Now you can see them invading your homes, shops, here-there and almost everywhere.

The point I am discussing all this about LED’s is to highlight the fact that uses of LED’s are only bound by our imagination.

I recently used a LED as a trouble-shooter while my multimeter was down.


I had to repair a casio.

My niece, 4 years old, was done with her experimenting with it and it was my turn to get music out of it.

So as I unscrewed the casing and scrutinized the PCB for some fireworks, I found nothing. Everything seemed fine, shiny cooper tracks, no wire connection broken..etc.

Then where is the problem… Biting my nails….!! …..In CoB (Chip on Board..the black blot on PCB’s)..??..

As testified by my niece, she did nothing wrong and the device was not in use for quite some time. So CoB issue would be the last thing to consider. Let’s first check the speaker…

But how??

My multimeter was not working. Then I saw the ubiquitous LED in my repair kit. I just connected the LED to the speaker terminals and pressed few keys…It was glowing…

Yay..I got the weak link. It was the speaker that had gone bad.

I had one in my spares, so replaced it quickly, soldered it. And it worked well.

I learned to work out things with limited resources and a little improvisation. And interestingly found a new way to use LED. So keep playing with them because it’s defiantly something more than just a p-n junction.

Happy Tinkering !!