The Hidden Reason….-Part-I

Have you ever wondered why everybody shuns government offices, procedures and administrative work..??

Why is it so that government organizations bear huge losses but private sector scales new heights…??

Why Bangalore blasts victims are forgotten a day after but Boston killers are man hunted the very next day??


By now, you must have thought of economic reasons, red tapism, and multiplicity of organizations and so on…which almost every other news channels and newspapers seem to focus on.

But the root cause is somewhere else…

Its “The Hidden Reason“…

It’s all depends on how we treat our resources…most importantly, the often shunned one…The Human Resource. Just imagine how you would feel if you are treated like a personal enemy, answered rudely for asking simplest of doubts(common problem at college admins) …will you ever like to go there?

Probably never.

And as a result of such behaviour…people start by-passing government procedures and touts derive benefits from it…and consequently corruption rises. The disbelief of citizens further deepens, more touts come in and this vicious cycle goes on and on.

Here the problem..but where’s the solution…??

In Lokpal..??..

..May be or maybe not.

All the laws try to punish the corrupt but not the cut the origin of corruption. And it’s not only about corruption..It’s very well beyond that….!!

It may seem superficial and vague to lawyers, judicial experts etc. but I think the real solution lies in treating our fellow citizens with dignity.

Always remember  :

 People are an asset not a liability.

[Edit 1] I acknowledge the fact that things are changing for the better. Will shortly share my views in upcoming posts.

In Part-2: I would quote some examples and detailed solutions.