Things that matter…..Tips to save environment

Before you celebrate Earth Hour,before you participate in a Yamuna Clean Drive or even before you go to participate in a Green Marathon,it is important for each one of us to display a sense of self-discipline in saving the ailing environment for which there are no band-aid solution possible.

Switching your lights off for an hour each year and wasting electricity the entire year won’t address the problem.Nor our sweeping of road unless we stop throwing things out of our “German-made” cars(Some people literally don’t deserve to drive them..!!).

While the real onus is on each of us to find the solution which one can imbibe in their daily routine,i am listing a few which i follow:

1.Replace your home lighting fixtures with LED bulbs especially in toilets,bathrooms etc. small places where luminous intensity is not a major concern.They are now available as cheap as Rs 50 from Lagpat Rai Market,Chandni Chowk.

2. While making tea,always add sugar,tea leaves etc. after the water starts boiling.This can save you a bit of LPG because the boiling point of water increases after adding all these ingredients and thus more energy is required.Needless to say,prepare it with lid on  the vessel.It not only saves energy but time too.

3. A common one,don’t waste water while washing hand.The interval between you press the liquid soap plunger and get your hands back under tap is crucial.If you are right-handed,you can use your right hand to open and close tap and left one to have liquid soap ,and then rub them on both hands.

4. Switching Off lights of your rooms when you leave them,in home and, also in schools and colleges.The cost may be to Government but environment is ultimately yours.(and govt. too.:P).

5.Recycling any plastic box by using it for flower case or pen stand..anyway you like..let your creativity unfold.

I would update this list as i find some more techniques.I would be great if you can share the tips you follow.

The Power of LED


   What is that in LED that they are becoming so popular…??..At First, high end cars used them as rear end brake lights, though some may feel that it was there  to add some artistic quotient to mean machines but  this involves some  simple calculations to derive some really mind boggling results concluding their importance as rear brake lights. Now you can see them invading your homes, shops, here-there and almost everywhere.

The point I am discussing all this about LED’s is to highlight the fact that LED’s uses are only bound by our imagination.

 I recently used a LED as a troubleshooter while my multimeter was down.

Actually I was to repair a casio. My niece,4 years old, had done with her experimenting with it and it was turn to get music out of it. 

So as I unscrewed the casing and scrutinized the PCB for some fireworks, I found nothing. Everything seemed fine, shiny cooper tracks ,no wire connection broken..etc. Then where is the problem… Biting my nails….!! …..In CoB (Chip on Board..the black blot on PCB’s)..??..

As testified by my niece, she did nothing wrong and the device was not in use for quite sometime. So CoB issue would be the last thing to consider.Lets first check the speaker…But how??..My multimeter was not working. Then I saw the ubiquitous LED in my repair kit.I just connected the LED to the speaker terminals( Remember to connect the the correct terminals) and pressed few keys…It was glowing .. Yippeee ..i got the weak was the speaker that had gone bad.

I had one in my spares, so replaced it quickly ,soldered it..and it worked well.

So, in conclusion I learned to work out things with limited resources and a little improvisation..and interestingly found a new  way to use LED. So keep playing with them because It’s defiantly something more than just a p-n junction.

The Hidden Reason….-Part-I

Have you ever wondered why everybody shuns government offices,procedures and administrative work..??..Why is it so that government organizations bear huge losses but private sector scales new heights…??…Why Bangalore blasts victims are forgotten a day after but Boston killers are man hunted the very next day??….Think ..Think..!!!

By now,you must have thought of economic reasons,red tapism,multiplicity of organizations and so on…which almost everyone across news channels and newspapers seem to focus on.

But the root cause is somewhere else….Its “The Hidden Reason”..

Its all depend on how we treat our resources…most importantly, the often shunned one..The Human Resource.Just imagine how you would feel if u are being treated like an personal enemy,answered rudely for asking simplest of doubts(common problem at college admins) …will you ever like to go there?..Probably never.

And all this is being going on…people start by-passing government procedures and tout derive benefits from it…and consequently corruption rises.The disbelief of citizens further deepens, more touts come in..and this vicious cycle goes on and on.

Here the problem..buts where’s the solution…??..In Lokpal..??..

All the laws try to punish the corrupt but not the cut the origin of corruption.And its not only about corruption..its very well beyond that….!!

It may seem superficial and vague to lawyers,judicial experts etc. but i think the real solution lies in treating our citizens with dignity.

Always remember people are an asset,not a liability.



Part-2:I would quote some examples and a detailed solution.


The Art Of Giving


The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

The ART of Giving

After reading the famous book ,The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz, thinking about the title and giving my grey cells a workout,I understood the underlying basics of giving(and electronics too) and its correlation with the title. Art is defined as the elegant way of doing something.Thought I may be comparing  and correlating two quite different topics of electronics and humanity but they too are inter related somewhere(will surely discuss this in upcoming posts).

So what’s Art of giving?…To explain this I will share a incident with you. Everytime when we go to donate food or some clothing etc. to people, my mother would pack it with great care.For  food,she bought a foil based container,plastic spoons,and bags.She would then take a good amount of time packing them,put food in those container,put a plastic spoon,seal them with cardboard so that it doesn’t leak.And I was,earlier, critical of this practice given the extra effort and time it involved.

But, when one day, I gave one of those nicely packed packages to the person sitting besides the roadside, even before he could eat the food,he had on his face a feeling of dignity and pride seeing that special packing and a plastic spoon.He thanked and blessed me for giving him the food…ahh…probably not…he would have got food from somewhere..but I think It was the way he was given food that made him feel good.At that particular moment I realized how wrong I was.Giving something or feeding the poor is not about giving them a meal but giving them in a dignified manner because they are human being too,they have feelings. Give as little as you can but remember not to deprive them of their diginity.

Don’t know why but the image of that person and his words are engraved in mind and pop up everytime I pass through that road…and this post is dedicated to him and to my book ,which made me realize the true meaning of “ART”.

Exercising Consumer Rights…


I am writing this article in the backdrop of National Consumer Rights Day, “celebrated” on 24 December. Although I believe it is meant to be exercised every day rather than any specific day. Though the medium of this post, I would like to share with you a very peculiar ordeal at dominos pizza outlet.

I visited Dominos Pizza outlet, near pusa road, their newly opened branch on 15th of this month. I ordered pizza and plain garlic bread. Surprisingly, I was told by the person at the counter that plain garlic bread was not available, however I can get stuffed one. Being hungry and as the scent of fresh baked pizza was wafting through the air I didn’t inquired much and ordered stuffed one. But when I returned home shared this unusual incident with my sister, something struck my mind: how can plain garlic bread is not available but stuffed is??…Since both require the same dough. I was dumbstruck. I realized this was a marketing strategy to increase their revenues probably because stuffed garlic bread was not in demand.

I felt dejected and my belief in the brand which claims to “celebrates happiness” was shaken. I decided to lodge a online complaint. I did that the next day and within fifteen minutes of issuing of complaint number, the branch manager called me apologizing and guaranteeing of better service next time. He even offered to deliver a plain garlic bread :).. but I told him it was not about money but principles.

This may seem a petty issue to many but these small things defines the ideology of the company/firm. Being an entrepreneur at heart I am quite particular of these things. And as a consumer I take pride in exercising my rights whenever possible.I also appreciate dominos for speedy redressal of my complaint.

Hope everyone exercises their rights as an informed consumer.


While every one on facebook and other social networks is urging you to make today memorable…well its the last repeating date of the century..i decided to start my blog.While the idea was swaying in my mind for quite a time,but the effort was missing.

So,as they say…something comes from within and you just do it….it happened today.

The title came automatically in mind…and my fingers followed….!!!!..

Frankly speaking ,I have no specific topic about which this blog will be, but one thing is sure it will be about “change” ….change the way we live.I will try to exemplify how small things that go unnoticed have the power to create big impact.