About Me

Hello !! I’m, Prem Sagar, alumni of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi University, New Delhi with majors in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. I am the founder of Banaao – A Makers’ Playground which is a differentiated makerspace and while providing resources to democratise making, it aims to solve community problems the makers’ way.  I have previously worked as an Associate Consultant in Ernst & Young (EY) in Business Advisory Services and have extensive experience of ERP systems in various industries.

I am passionate about making things, reading non-fiction & entrepreneurship. A foodie at heart, I like to keep my taste buds busy. Also, I have keen interest in Psychology.

Although, I started blogging on 12.12.12 but that was more of a private blog. So, this is my first time to have a public blog since I am writing most of my life experiences. This would be something new as I consider this as my life-long project and part of my journey as an aspiring writer & maker, Ha!!

The title of my blog, “Thinkering & Tinkering”, sums up pretty much everything that I would be sharing. These words were thought as an extension to my profile pitch, ‘Thinker & Tinkerer’. Although, originally ‘Thinkering‘ is a word that the writer Michael Ondaatje coined in his novel ‘The English Patient’ to express the genesis of concepts in the mind while tinkering with the hands.

Hands-on tinkering leads to minds-on thinkering.

I’ll write here everything I think you should know before actually reading my blog and would be sharing my experiences as I connect the dots on the canvas of life. Also, I like to ask lot of questions and that’s why I have dedicated section for my questions.Curious to know if you have answers to them.

I hope you’ll find my blog interesting as I put my life, as real as it gets, into it and enjoy!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you often.